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About Island Email Webmail

  1. Introduction to Island Email
      Island Email provides a way of checking your E-Mail over the World Wide Web.

  2. Message Index
      The name may sound complex, but this is just the list of email messages that are in a particular folder.

  3. Reading an email message
      The ability to read an email message is one of the most basic features of any email client. However, Island Email has quite a few features for while you are reading messages. This explains what they all do.

  4. Compose
      With this feature, you can send messages to different people from within Island Email.

  5. Addresses
      Address books can save a lot of time and typing. You can put the addresses of people you write most often in them, and reuse them over and over.

  6. Folders
      You can store messages in different folders. This is especially useful if you have a lot of email and want to keep it organized. The folders option allows manipulation of your folders.

  7. Options
      You can customize the way that Island Email looks and responds to you by setting different options in this section.

  8. Search
      Searches through a folder for given criteria.

  9. Frequently Asked Questions
      Often people have the same questions that have been asked many times before. This is a list of commonly asked questions and answers.