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Why Choose Island Email?
Island Email does not limit
the size of email attachments.
How to Set Up
Island Email for Apple iPhone
to Send and Receive Email

Step 1:

  • Go to iPhone main menu, tap "Settings".

Step 2:

  • Tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" button.

Step 3:

  • Tap "Add Account..." button.

Step 4:

  • Choose the type of email you are setting up (i.e. IslandEmail Account, tap "other").

Step 5:

  • Tap the "Add Mail Account" button.

Step 6:

  • Type your name in the "Name" field.

  • In the "Email" field, type your entire email address (e.g.

  • In the "Password" field, type your email password.

  • In the "Description" field, type a description for this email for reference (e.g., work Email)

  • Tap "Next" to continue.

Step 7:

  • Mail will look up your account.

Step 8:

  • Tap the "POP" (for POP accounts) or "IMAP" (for IMAP accounts) option button.

Step 9:

Incoming Mail Server

  • Type your receiving/incoming Mail Server in the "Host Name" field. (if an IMAP Account) (if a POP Account)

  • Type your Incoming Server User Name
    (username = full email address)

  • Type your email password.

  • Scroll down.

Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP)

  • Type your sending/outgoing Mail Server in the "Host Name" field.
    Input Host Name as:

  • Type your username for the SMTP Server.
    Username = full email address

  • Type your email password.

Step 10:

  • Tap "Next" (IMAP) or "Save" (POP) to save your settings.

Step 11 (POP ONLY):

  • Your phone will verify the information entered. If verified, email will auto download.

Step 12 (IMAP ONLY):

  • Tap "Save" to save your account settings. If verified, account will be added and email will auto download.


You are now ready to send and receive emails!

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