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Why Choose Island Email?
We'll give you 9 GREAT REASONS!

Spam Targeting

MailRoute's spam-filtering service passes all email through a multi-layered spam filtering system that identifies 95% of inbound spam. This processing takes place outside your network, reducing your traffic and email server processing loads. Since email is blocked at the Internet gateway, users no longer have to sort through and delete spam email in their inboxes. MailRoute acheives an extremely low false-positive rate - 1 in 250,000 messages.

Virus Protection

MailRoute's virus-filtering service passes all email through multiple anti-virus engines. This process provides redundancy and ensures that only clean email is delivered through to the corporate mail server. Since each engine is updated every 10 minutes, recognition of fast moving viruses is optimized.

Affordable Solution

Island Email is just $60.00 per year (per user), which means it only costs $5 per month!
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Unlimited Email Attachments

Sharing your photos and other large-sized email attachments just got easier! We don't restrict the file size of your attachments! *

* No restriction on filesize when using Outlook, Entourage, etc. Users of webmail are currently limited to 2 Megabyte file attachments.

Worldwide Access

Access all of your email accounts in one place, from anywhere in the world!

Unlimited Email Storage

We offer unlimited email storage, so no more "Your inbox cannot accept any more incoming emails or Mailbox Full" messages.

Integrated Services

In addition to email services, Island Technologies offers integrated hosting, web design, IT Support, and more.

Professional Technical Support

We value your business and are here to serve you M-F, 9:00am - 5:30pm PST
Give us a call at (818) 832-2310!

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